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‘Harry Potter’ celebrities on Twitter

Many individuals involved in and devoted to the Harry Potter series are gradually joining Twitter. Below is Harry Potter Fan Zone‘s official compilation:

Cast members:


  • Harry Potter Film (The official Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows film Twitter feed) – HarryPotterFilm
  • Warner Bros. (‘Harry Potter’ film production) – WarnerBrosEnt
  • Bloomsbury (British/Australian ‘Harry Potter’ publisher) – BloomsburyBooks
  • Scholastic (American ‘Harry Potter’ publisher) – scholastic
  • Raincoast Books (Canadian ‘Harry Potter’ publisher) – RaincoastBooks
  • Stephen Fry (British ‘Harry Potter’ audio books) – stephenfry
  • Phillip Schofield (as himself, in a documentary on ‘Half-Blood Prince,’ the book) – Schofe
  • Felt Beats (Tom Felton’s music) – feltbeats