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Below are a collection of Harry Potter book and movie themed fonts that you can install on your computer — perfect for that next essay, newsletter or graphic design project, right? Need installation instructions? Click here if you’re using a PC, and over here if you’re on a Mac. Click the font logos below to learn more or download them. Happy designing!

Harry P

Harry P is the earliest and most popular recreation of the Harry Potter film logo. Download this font to add Harry Potter titling to your projects.


Lumos is a font inspired by the chapter titles in the US editions of the Harry Potter books. It also includes a number of Harry Potter symbols, such as a broom and Snitch.

Magical Me

Magical Me (also known as Parry Hotter) is a font inspired by Gilderoy Lockhart’s autobiography, Magical Me.


Parseltongue is a font inspired by the language used to communicate with snakes in the Harry Potter universe.

Hogwarts Wizard

Hogwarts Wizard is a handwriting font inspired by the Harry Potter universe.


Aquiline is a cursive font. Think quills and parchment and Hogwarts students furiously scribbling away at their O.W.L. exams.


Benegraphic is a font with a medieval flavour to it, perfect for the Harry Potter universe.


Charming is a font with a spooky vibe. Perfect for a Halloween project.


Inkpot, like the name suggests, is a font inspired by ink and quill handwriting.


Magik is a stylized font that’ll work perfectly in a Harry Potter themed project.

Magic School

Magic School is a stylized Harry Potter-inspired font with plenty of signature Potter lightning bolts for effect.


Magician is a magical looking font that’d work great in a Harry Potter project: lots of stars and moons for effect.

Scratched Handwriting

“I MUST NOT TELL LIES”, the famous words etched on Harry Potter’s hand by Dolores Umbridge. “ENEMIES OF THE HEIR BEWARE”, eerily written on the Hogwarts walls. Scratched Handwriting is the perfect font for achieving this look in your projects.


Dingbats is a really cool font. Each number and letter will produce a different Harry Potter themed-stencil. There are characters, logos, book covers and more!

Have any questions about installing or using these fonts? Drop us a line or hit us up on Twitter.