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JKRowling.com undergoes slight changes JKRowling.com undergoes slight changes

jkr site2As some of the more dedicated Harry Potter fans may know, J. K. Rowling’s official site hasn’t been updated in over a year. Now, a few minor changes have been spotted, including edited links and the title of her diary on the main page.

Perhaps these now minor changes could be hints of some more major updates to her sites. Stay tuned.

Exclusive report from ‘Azkatraz’ Exclusive report from ‘Azkatraz’

azkatrazRecently, Harry Potter Fan Zone’s own Toni and David Gras attended Azkatraz 2009, a Harry Potter symposium. An exclusive report from the event can be found below.

Read the full article.

Happy birthday, Harry and Jo! Happy birthday, Harry and Jo!

harry-gofThe 31st of July is every devout Harry Potter fan’s favourite day of the year because of two very important celebrity birthdays. A very happy birthday today to Harry Potter, who beat Lord Voldemort at his own game and made the world safe for Muggles everywhere.

Also, many warm and heartfelt wishes to Harry’s creator, J. K. Rowling. Through online Harry Potter fandoms such as HPFZ, fans worldwide are connected because of their mutual love of her books. The world feels so much smaller, and it is – thanks to her. Best wishes and thank you Jo! We hope you have an amazing and relaxing day; you definitely deserve it.

Happy birthday, Neville Longbottom! Happy birthday, Neville Longbottom!

J.K. Rowling’s official website has been updated to wish Neville Longbottom a happy birthday.

Reminder: Join the Harry Potter Fan Zone team! Reminder: Join the Harry Potter Fan Zone team!

jobsHave you ever had the desire to write news, content or editorials about the Harry Potter series? Desire no more! HPFZ is currently looking for dedicated folk to join our staff team and help improve the award-winning content on the site.

Working here is a great opportunity for anyone – especially Potter fans – to explore and refine their skills in fields such as journalism, multimedia, web development, and graphic design.

A job at HPFZ will give you the opportunity to work alongside an “impressively young staff“, as J.K. Rowling herself once put it, to entertain an incredibly large fan base. If you’re up for the challenge, we’d love to hear from you!

Happy Birthday, Daniel Radcliffe! Happy Birthday, Daniel Radcliffe!

090723 danToday, July 23, is Daniel Radcliffe’s twentieth birthday. Best known for playing Harry Potter on the big screen, Radcliffe has starred in several other films (December Boys and My Boy Jack) and also received glowing reviews for his role in Equus. Please join Harry Potter Fan Zone in wishing this extraordinarly talented, down to earth man a very happy birthday!

Entertainment Weekly: Emma ‘growing in style’ Entertainment Weekly: Emma ‘growing in style’

In a new photo gallery, Entertainment Weekly writer Tim Stack grades the outfits and accessories that Emma Watson wore while making the rounds to promote Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. View the gallery here, with some excerpts below:


LONDON, JULY 7 EVENT: Potter World Premiere DESIGNER: Vintage Ossie Clark Watson summoned pure fashion magic. Her gorgeous, romantic floor-length gown was utterly bewitching. A+


NEW YORK, JULY 9 EVENT: NYC Premiere DESIGNER: Proenza Schouler Watson already shows a keen eye for balancing sexy and classy, as evidenced by this edgy look. A


NEW YORK, JULY 8 EVENT: Late Show With David Letterman DESIGNER: Christopher Kane In this geometric dress, Watson resembled a couture cupcake. A-

HP Exhibition’s next stop: Boston, MA HP Exhibition’s next stop: Boston, MA

090723The Boston Globe reports that the next stop for Harry Potter: The Exhibition is the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts. Opening day is set for October 25. Tickets may already be purchased online (note: tickets are selling fast; some dates are already sold out).

The exhibition will remain in Chicago at The Museum of Science and Industry until September 27.

Chair that Rowling wrote PS, CS on up for auction Chair that Rowling wrote PS, CS on up for auction

090721 jo chairThe chair that J.K. Rowling sat on while writing the first two Harry Potter books in her Scottish flat is now up for auction on eBay. The chair was originally donated by Ms. Rowling to a charity auction in 2002, and is being auctioned off again now through July 26 with 20% of the proceeds going to Book Abroad, a charity that sends free school books to impoverished countries. From Ananova:

Rowling wrote … on the chair in her Scottish council flat when she was a single mother, surviving on benefits and struggling with depression. It has been personalised by the author herself and features several painted slogans including: “I wrote Harry Potter while sitting on this chair.”

Proving its authenticity, the chair comes complete with a special Owl Mail signed by Rowling and addressed to the ‘new owner of my chair’. The letter explains that she was given four mismatched dining room chairs in 1995 and, because it was the most comfortable, it was this one that ended up at her desk in front of her typewriter.

You can see some stunning photos of the chair at this link, and you can read and see the the authenticity letter at this link. For more information, visit the chair’s website.

Pictures of Emma filming DH in Golder’s Green Park Pictures of Emma filming DH in Golder’s Green Park

Emma Watson was on location at Golder’s Green Park today filming a scene for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. From the pictures, it appears as though Emma was the only one in this scene; none of the other cast members were present. Check out some high-resolution pictures of her filming and signing autographs at this link. Some previews:

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