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New HBP clip from MTV

Taking a break from the premiere news for a minute – but just a minute, MTV just now posted an exclusive clip from the upcoming Harry Potter film, out July 15.  Check it out at MTV or below.

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NYC Premiere: More stars arrive, interviews continue

More stars have arrived at the NYC premiere, including: Rupert Grint, Alan Rickman and Marcia Gay Harden. We’re still waiting on Emma Watson to show. In the meantime, check out some new pictures from HPANA of interviews with Freddie Stroma and Bonnie Wright. Tom Felton’s interview is up next on PotterCast’s live feed.

NYC Premiere: Yates and Gambon doing interviews

Thanks to HPANA, we have two new pictures of Michael Gambon and David Yates giving interviews on the red carpet for the NYC premiere. Currently on the live feed, Bonnie Wright is being interviewed and Daniel Radcliffe is up next.

NYC Premiere: Celebs beginning to arrive

Celebrities are beginning to arrive at the New York premiere. So far Michael Gambon, David Yates, Daniel Radcliffe, Bonnie Wright, Mark Indelicato from Ugly Betty, Steve Kloves, Freddie Stroma and Tom Felton have arrived. David Yates is about to be interviewed on the live stream at PotterCast.

NYC Premiere: Live stream available

A live stream of the NYC premiere can be seen over at PotterCast or below.

NYC Premiere: Photos of red carpet setup

Some photos of the red carpet setup can be seen over on HPANA’s Twitter or below.