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‘Prisoner of Azkaban’ illustrated edition

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‘Prisoner of Azkaban’ illustrated edition cover

The Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban illustrated edition will be released on 3 October 2017. Jim Kay is currently at work on the illustrations for this release.

Scroll down to see the first artwork from the book!

What we know so far about the ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’ illustrated edition:

Some of the new characters and locations we'll see in the 'Azkaban' illustrated edition

Some of the new characters and locations we’ll see in the ‘Azkaban’ illustrated edition

  • The jacket artwork features the iconic purple Knight Bus.
  • It will be released on 3 October of 2017. As of November 2016, Jim Kay is working on illustrations.
  • Like Chamber of Secrets, the artwork and illustration techniques will evolve. Says Jim Kay, “each book is going to have its own personality.”
  • Jim Kay told Harry Potter Fan Zone last year, “I’m hoping that by the Deathly Hallows we will be fully into a darker and more adult style of illustration, to reflect the perils facing Potter!”
  • Jim Kay hopes to hide some easter eggs in the Prisoner of Azkaban illustrated edition, perhaps in the portraits. The Fat Lady? Sir Cadogan? Says Kay, “[I] will make it my mission to work something into Azkaban! The portraits should lend themselves to that. I’ve been doing a lot of research into the imagery & symbolism of portraits.”

Which new character are you looking forward to Jim bringing to life?

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Jacket artwork

Knitted Lion


Severus Snape

Knight Bus in London

Garden Wall